Unbeatable performance

 The easy choice is Viton® FreeFlow™

Viton FreeFlow Z Technology Produces Better Products

Higher quality, more efficient, and more robust!

Viton FreeFlow Z products are a significant upgrade from any other fluoropolymer-based process aid. Viton FreeFlow Z will dramatically improve your business. By allowing easier processing and fewer negative interactions with other additives in the resin or compound. The result is better looking products plus improvements to your bottom line. Viton FreeFlow Z is the answer for manufacturers who have resisted using next-generation resins because of processing difficulties.

Viton FreeFlow Z products enable you to push the manufacturing envelope to higher temperatures to maximize your output. They offer more consistent performance over a broader range of processing conditions, while minimizing discoloration caused by thermal breakdown. These products also reduce olfactory effects during processing and in final products.

The U.S. patent-pending technology raises the bar for processing performance levels and will change your expectations for process aids. From compound through final product appearance, the advantages of using Viton FreeFlow Z products are clear.

Faster production rates

Better yields

Improve film quality

Lower cost

Viton vs Product A

Viton FreeFlow Z Technology

Z200 (fluoroelastomer plus PCL) at 400 ppm (vs. 800 ppm)


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Product A

Convention Fluoroelastomer Plus Glycol 800 ppm


All films made from 1 MI butane resin containing 500 ppm antiblock and 1200 ppm slip and were extruded at 400 sec-1 (8 lb/in/hr: 03″ die gap)

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