Viton® FreeFlow Z Technology

Smooth Your Plastic Extrusion Process and Increase Your Production Output

Next-generation plastic process aid delivers higher yields and reduces downtime, creating higher profit margins for film manufacturers.

Upgrade Your Fluoropolymer Process Aid to Improve Productivity and Quality

Viton® FreeFlow Z is the answer for manufacturers who are unaware of the benefits of using next-generation PPAs to overcome extrusion process difficulties.

Viton FreeFlow Plastic Process Aid Improves Manufacturing

Viton FreeFlow Z200 series products enable you to push the manufacturing envelope to higher temperatures to maximize your output.

Z200/210 offers more consistent performance over a broader range of processing conditions while minimizing discoloration caused by thermal breakdown. These products also reduce olfactory effects during processing and in final products. All this is achieved at lower concentrations than older PPA technology.

The U.S. patented technology raises the bar for processing performance levels and will change your expectations for polymer process aids.

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Plastic Process Aid Targets Pitfalls in the Extrusion Process

Viton FreeFlow transforms film production by targeting common pitfalls in the extrusion manufacturing process: throughput, downtime, and scrap.

Smooths Process Throughput

A slippery coating reduces friction by coating the inside of the die with a microscopically thin, non-stick film. Reduced friction at the resin/die interface and allows the extrusion to flow freely and more rapidly through the die opening eliminating shark skin and enabling higher rates.

Reduces Die Build-Up & Downtime

Cleaning die build-up is a major source of downtime during the film production process. Viton FreeFlow’s non-stick properties prevent the accumulation of resin particles at the die exit, reducing the major cause of die build-up.

Enhances product change over

With the PPA added to the resin melt stream, the slippery coating on the die surface allows for faster transition between products. This results in reduced scrap generation during changeover and reduced need for purge compounds.

See the Results for Yourself

Eliminates melt fracture in blown film

Reduces die build-up

Blown Film With Melt Fracture Without Viton® FreeFlow™ Process Aid

Blown Film With Melt Fracture Without Viton® FreeFlow Process Aid

Blown Film With Viton® FreeFlow™ Process Aid

Blown Film With Viton® FreeFlow Process Aid

Extrusion Process Die Build-Up Without Viton® FreeFlow™ Process Aid

Extrusion Process Die Build-Up Without Viton® FreeFlow Process Aid

Smooth Extrusion Process With Viton® FreeFlow™ Process Aid

Smooth Extrusion Process With Viton® FreeFlow Process Aid

Adding less than one part per thousand of Viton® FreeFloweliminates melt fracture in blown films and reduces die buildup in extrusions

Product Research Backs Extrusion Manufacturing Results

Viton FreeFlow has been put to the test against other leading polymer processing aid brands.
Research conducted by Chemours and other industry leaders has shown significant results in proving Viton FreeFlow’s performance as a PPA.

Higher Melt Strength & Faster Cooling

Viton® FreeFlow™ Z Technology™ products resist aggressive additives like antiblock better than conventional process aids
Viton® FreeFlow Z Technology products resist aggressive additives like antiblock better than conventional process aids

In research conducted by DuPont, PE resins containing Viton® FreeFlow were processed with a 25ºC lower melt temperature while using the same die pressure. This translates into higher melt strength and faster cooling for better gauge control, greater output, and lower haze.

Better Quality Product Appearance & Strength

Viton® FreeFlow™ Z Technology™ can improve film properties
Viton® FreeFlow Z Technology can improve film properties

Other research has shown significant improvements in product appearance (smoother, higher-gloss finish) and mechanical strength (tear, dart impact) derived from the use of Viton® FreeFlow™.

Excellent Manufacturing Performance From Formulation to Finished Product

The processing advantages of Viton® FreeFlow at every step in the value chain makes your choice of PPAs an easy one. From extrusion pelletizing of resins and masterbatches to the extrusion of finished products, Viton® FreeFlow™ delivers superior results.

  • Reduced Die Buildup
  • Eliminates Melt Fracture
  • Reduce Olfactory effects
  • Resistant to discoloration
  • Improved bubble stability
  • Reduced need for blending
Viton Free Flow Z Technology Produces Better Plastic Products

Viton® FreeFlow Z Technology Produces Better Products

Faster production rates

Better yields

Improve film quality

Lower cost

High-Quality Results for Blown Film Extrusion, Extruded Shapes, Fibers & Monofilaments

Higher yields & profitability possible across the industry

Blown Film

  • Prevents “sharkskin” melt fracture
  • Smoother, clearer film
  • High-gloss finish

Extruded Shapes

  • Keeps die face clean by reducing die build-up
  • Reduces product scrap caused by die lines
  • Lengthens intervals between downtime & maintenance

Fibers & Monofilaments

  • Reduces strand breakage caused by die build-up
  • Improved throughput
  • Faster winding speeds
Produce Better Plastics with Viton FreeFlow Plastic Process Aid


Bottom Line Performance Enhancement with Plastic Process Aids

Viton vs Product A

Viton FreeFlow Z Technology

Z200 (fluoroelastomer plus PCL) at 400 ppm (vs. 800 ppm)


Viton FreeFlow and Z Technology are trademarks or registered trademarks of The Chemours Company, LLC. All rights reserved.

Product A

Convention Fluoroelastomer Plus Glycol 800 ppm


All films made from 1 MI butane resin containing 500 ppm antiblock and 1200 ppm slip and were extruded at 400 sec-1 (8 lb/in/hr: 03″ die gap)

One Technology, Two Product Families

Viton® FreeFlow Z100 family

The Viton FreeFlow Z100 family is designed with a conventional interfacial agent, polyethylene glycol (PEG), at lower levels than other fluoroelastomer PPAs. This technology offers improved performance.

  • delivers the ultimate process aid performance when a conventional interfacial agent is required

Viton® FreeFlow Z200 family

The Viton FreeFlow Z200 family is designed with a unique interfacial agent, polycaprolactone (PCL), that offers superior performance characteristics. This innovative technology offers best-in-class performance with the following benefits:

  • reduces potential olfactory effects in the final product
  • reduces screw slippage in extruders
  • leading to more uniform dosing and higher production rates
  • more thermally and oxidatively
  • stable than PEG products, allowing processing at higher temperatures
  • reduces the potential for negative interactions with other film additives such as antiblock, HALs fillers and antioxidants
  • delivers the ultimate process aid performance and value in most cases

Strengthen Your Bottom Line with Viton® FreeFlow Z Technology

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